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What are the benefits of joining?


  • The opportunity to attend regular Association meetings, often with guest speakers either from within or related to the driver training profession. It is also a great opportunity to ask questions or to raise issues that, if you wish, the Committee can then take up on your behalf with the relevant body.


  • Knowledge and skills improvement and sharing via presentations, workshops and discussions on a range of topics related to driver training.  Suggestions for topics always welcome!


  • Direct relevance to Continuing Professional Development (CPD).


  • Free "Shared Learning" sessions where members meet and offer practical help, advice and share their experience, including the use of coaching methods, in a non-jugmental and open environment. The sessions are usually held on a Tuesday morning and are in car, very informal but highly informative. 


  • Free access to a lively forum where you can get the latest details on issues affecting driving instruction at both a local and national level, catch up on past meetings, air your own views, join in a discussion or find out about the latest social or fundraising events



  • Keep up to date with the many changes taking place in delivering driver training.


  • Opportunities to take part in group courses (e.g. Coaching, First Aid) and therefore benefit from the economies of scale.


  • An entry for your driving school in the Association website members’ directory


  • A chance to network with colleagues in the profession.


As most Driving Instructors are sole traders, you can feel an isolated and by joining you will have the opportunity to meet other instructors in your area and share experiences and knowledge that otherwise may not be possible. 


Website and Forum


If you decide to join us , you will have full access to our website and forum. On the website you will be given a profile where you can set your driving school details to allow pupils to contact/find your business (this will show on the website). You will also have access to the forum where all members of this organisation can share ideas and questions relating to Driver Training, find out what is going on socially with the group or just catch up on the latest.


Courses and Meetings


When you join us you will have the opportunity to attend CPD (Continuing Professional Development) courses giving you the opportunity to improve your abilities and your customers experience. These skills can help achieve higher driving standards and greater success for your pupils, and can be a powerful tool for growing your business. For an overview on type of CPD events we have held, click here.


During our meetings we cover a wide range of subjects from general driving to the specifics of teaching methods or the latest DSA iniatives. Its also a chance for you to share your knowledge and gain a new perspective of the teaching process.


How do I Join?


Interested in joining us? Contact us and you could be another Forth Valley Member. We would be delighted to have you on board.


It doesnt take long to fill out and once its done click the apply button. Once your application has been submitted our website administrator will confirm your application. Following this you will get an email containing a password, then you can sign in and your membership will be live!