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Advice for learners

If your are currently in the process of learning to drive then you might find some of the links and information provided on this page useful. Learning to drive is an important step in anyones life as it opens up many new opportunities and independence; an important success factor of the learning process is choosing the right instructor.


Everyone learns differently, and finding an instructor that suits your needs will significantly increase your enjoyment of the learning process as well as making it easier to develop the skills that you require to achieve a test pass. 


Instructors who are members of Forth Valley Driving Instructors Association have demonstrated a commitment to improving their knowledge and understanding - check out our members profiles to find a driving instructor that suits you!



Booking Your Theory / Practical Test

Booking your theory and practical test can be done online via the www.direct.gov website. The direct.gov website is a brilliant online archive filled with a wealth of information regarding driving including the law, learning to drive and owning a vehicle. It is recommended that you only book your tests through this website as if you book via another website you are likely to incur additional costs unnecessarily. To go direct to the official site to book a theory test or practical driving test please follow the links below:


Driving Theory Test Bookings


Practical Car Test Bookings



Theory and Driving Test Centre Locations


Theory Test Centres

Please note that the Theory Test centres in the Forth Valley area are not at the same location as the Driving Test Centres. Many people arrive in error for their Theory Test at the Driving Test Centre. This leads to a great deal of stress and added anxiety from being in the wrong place and running late! Make sure you know the address of the test centre where you book, print / keep the booking confirmation and dont rely on parents / friends / colleagues thinking they know where it is.

To find your nearest theory test centre, use this link for the Department for Transport search facility.


Driving Test Centres

The majority of driving test candidates are taken to the Test Centre by their instructor, so there is much less of a chance of arriving at the wrong place. However, the wrong day / time is not unheard of, so if you book your own test make sure you give your instructor the correct details! However, if you would like to know the location of the nearest Practical Driving Test Centre, you can use the official Dft site to Find Your Nearest test centre.