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Shared Learning


What is it?

Shared Learning is an opportunity, pioneered by Forth Valley Driving Instructors Association, for members to meet and share methods, advice and suggestions in a practical environment to help improve the way we deliver lessons to learner drivers. We believe that within driving instructor associations in Scotland this is a benefit unique to our members.


What is the aim?

The sessions are designed to offer a non-judgemental, informal and relaxed way to draw from the wide range of experience of our members to help provide different perspectives and ideas that may help improve how individuals deliver driving lessons. It is not considered training; no-one is told what they should do, but those taking part provide alternatives from which they can take (and give) as much or as little as they choose.


How does it work?

Members meet and decide on a topic that a participant wishes to review (e.g. different ways of using mind maps, effective Q&A options, a specific issue that may have arisen on a lesson, etc). We then split into groups, usually of three, and start a session in car. Depending on the situation, this might involve a practical drive with one instructor "role playing" a pupil, one taking the instructors seat and one observing from the rear seat. It might just be a discussion in car, or where each instructor in turn delivers a briefing on the same subject. What is done is very dependent on what those attending wish to achieve. All scenarios would then be followed by discussion to review the learning each person takes from the experience. We also on occasion have actual pupils in attendance. 


Who can participate?

The sessions are open to all members of the Association, and are free of charge.


When and where does it happen?

Currently, shared learning sessions take place weekly on Tuesday morning at 10am, meeting at Morrisons car park in Stirling. To judge numbers, we try to confirm attendance via our Facebook page the day before.